Like every place, the people and events of the past impart life into the present. The past enters our world through the books we read or the buildings we pass on our daily rounds. And of course, the past is in the words we use, music we play and the songs we sing. All are safely moored in our memories. No matter where we go, a part of the past threads seamlessly throughout the here and now.

Placentia, Plaisance or however it was known before the Basques, English, French or Irish entered these bays and harbours, is a place that has quietly crossed the paths of numerous people. I’ve created a map "History and Archaeology of the Placentia Area" with the locations and my impressions of the history linked to some of the places in the Placentia landscape.

Of course, the website “Being in Placentia” owes its name to the fact that this is a place where I have come to live. Still, many of our thoughts and memories attune to experiences in a larger area. Hence, this website may refer to the places on the Cape Shore. However, to create a somewhat arbitrary boundary, it restricts itself to what has commonly been recognised as the Southwest Avalon of Newfoundland and Labrador.

History is indeed alive and as we all know, what we did yesterday is now a part of our history. Perhaps it’s forgettable at the moment. No doubt, the people who helped to build some of the places that have secured a place in the history of the Placentia landscape thought the same. It was just a day’s work. Nonetheless, looking back, we have now given some of these activities and events pride of place in our own history.

I’ll gradually add to the map I've created and potentially change some of the items that are located on this map. As well, I’ve included some links to other sites that might be of interest. But also, feel free to comment on your own piece of history and memory in the map "Share Your History and Thoughts of the Placentia Area" (on a subsequent webpage of this site).

Enjoy your wander along the path, branching off wherever and whenever you wish.